May. 16th, 2017

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Airlocked! Season 3 Observation Journal

This is where I shall be recording unusual things I observe during the "show" in order to better facilitate our rescue of our friends and possible dismantling of the system propigating these "games", as well as some notes on the newest batch of "champions" in the hopes that, if they escaped and we find them, we can become allies.

ADDENDUM: If I am beginning to show signs of distress or agitation while investigating I am to set this journal down immediately and go lay down somewhere in the company of someone else, as requested by pretty much everyone else. If I need to hit something, I will ask Xander to spar with me. If I need to cry, I'm to go to Yurika. If I am absolutely a ball of anxious energy then I shall throw myself into something beneficial for everyone else on board. If I just need a hug: Jamie, Xander, Yurika, the Doctor, Thomasin, Natsuhi can provide in that order. If I'm able to contain myself after viewing I can go to Togami and bounce theories off of him.

All the notes are written on the backs of crumpled pieces of illicit fanart... )

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