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R3 Livewatch

Airlocked! Season 4 Observation Journal

This is where I will be recording thoughts, observations, and possible clues presented in the latest exhibition of deplorability known as "Airlocked!". If there is anything that InterGal7 or "Nina" let slip, I want us to catch it, not only for the sake of our friends and ourselves, but for all who continue to be ensnared by them for this incideous entertainment.

IF I AM FEELING IN ANY WAY DISTRESSED, I MUST PUT THIS JOURNAL DOWN IMMEDIATELY AND TAKE A BREAK FROM WATCHING. Jamie, Xander, Yurika, the Doctor, Thomasin, and Natsuhi, in that order, can provide hugs. From the new group, Queenie is the most likely to offer hugs if needed, and Junpei is probably the best person in the ship to talk to overall if I just need to talk. You can spar with Xander and Ardyn if you really need to hit something. Yurika will be there for you if you need to cry. Junpei and Togami can bounce theories around with you ONLY if you are feeling up to the task.

- There's already been a promotional trailer for the next season. The "gimmick" is a darned space prison. Apparently everyone they've pulled to be in there has killed before. As if that could dissuade me from wanting to free them; plenty of us still have blood on our hands.

- More people than the last two "seasons". At least twenty five. Some recognizable to those here.

- No Champion titles given. Only inmate numbers. Might be significant, given that a certain someone was given the year America declared independence as theirs. Aren't you all just so clever, InterGal7.

- Really committed to the prison aesthetic. Plain rooms, roommates are the norm - three cells outright have three people inside of them, it's tight, but no mixed gender sleeping arrangements. Mess Hall with provided food that probably sucks, there's a library...they have a LAUNDRY's definitely going to feel like a bunch of fish are in a tiny bowl, perhaps they're hoping these close quarters will spark more death. At the very least, the group is quickly figuring out how hokey this "jail" really is. Doors that lock from the inside indeed.

- Memories wiped again. I truly feel bad for the people who claim they have never committed a crime...they just don't know. I hate having to watch people go through this all again...

- Their main Overseer is a man called Dr. Price, and though he has the title of "Counselor", I will not let myself be fooled. Called the jail a "minimum security prison for maximum security inmates", like it's...eugh. I am so very repulsed. I don't care if these people are murderers, this is disgusting. Putting "group therapy" sessions into place every other week. Claims he knows how he got to the prison, but not how the inmates have. Says there is a janitor and cook also on board, but just who they are is a mystery for now.

- "The Prince of Earth's Birthday is in a few weeks" - hadn't that...been on television when we all found each other at Sparby's? W-When did they start this? How long have they had these people?? Oh God...

- Dr. Price confirmed they are on a shuttle in motion. Finding them isn't going to be easy.

- The space lunch is apparently good and made from weird sweet potatoes. Well, heck, I'm game, I'd like to try it.

- The complex used to hold a lot more inmates. Now, it seems, the other spaces are being renovated. Most likely to become weird recreational spaces. Probably not of incredible enjoyment, though - my understanding of a prison is that there are more places for you to hone a craft or get an education for life on the outside. If they get a movie room, surely it will have documentaries? And there would probably be some sort of gym facility. Don't...let all the dead bodies turn up in there, please. PLEASE.

- A lot of Magic Discourse going on. I mean. I get it, truthfully, but if someone calls something magic and another calls it science or unexplained phenomena, then that should be it, right? Just because you've never seen it and don't understand it doesn't make it any less of a real thing. I never thought I'd feel that way, but...I do. I mean. The Lifey Thing could be considered magic, but it could also be considered science, and I'll just continue to call it the Lifey Thing, it's not anything to be mad about if people don't call it the same things I do. Gracious...

- The actual aliens on board are confused that there are only humans being kept on the ship. I'm a little curious too, honestly - they seem to be skewing more and more towards humanity with every grouping. Is there a specific reason for it?

- Something's happened. No murder at the end of the week, thank goodness, but that makes it akin to last "season". No, there's been...two collisions? The source of which has not yet been revealed.


- Hostile takeover by Space Pirates. Possibly staged by the network, but no less dangerous. Captain looks EXACTLY like Guy Fieri, but a cyborg. Don't know if he's my world's Guy Fieri with a name change or some alternate universe version. Going to kick his ass either way. Price did not seem aware of what was going on - either a good actor or he's being thrown under the bus as well.

- Champion titles have been introduced. Most are relatively insulting. One is wildly inaccurate. Fieri is taunting them about someone not being what they seem - stirring dissent already, he's thirsty for blood. They're already getting things back from the Benefactors, but without dumbwaiters, the stuff is just piled in front of their doors.

-Motive is "kill someone before the end of the week or all your homes are destroyed". Fieri is still taunting this supposed outlier; "even with one of you being a deceitful monster and killing being your only means of escape" were the exact words. I'm getting flashbacks to when Bolton tried to pull that one on us, but...this guy's serious. He's got locations (don't know why only seven worlds?) and everything. Bolton was just slap-dashing something together to cover his and Jamie's behinds. All I can hope for is Can I even hope for no one falling for it anymore? I don't know. I hope it doesn't turn into a blood bath.

- Shirou tried to rush Fieri for the motive. I don't blame him, even if it was foolish. Standing by and not doing something to help didn't seem would ring true to him. Even if I didn't know him. God...this is the first proper punishment I've seen end in a death.

- Space Fight Club returns. Why do we always seem to end up wanting to beat each other up...Fieri went a round with Mister Akande and wiped the floor with him. Terrifying to watch.

- Alexander Hamilton presumably found...wherever trials are to take place. Under construction, too, which is strange. But he was killed for it right in front of everyone else, apparently on the grounds of tampering with the area. How is finding that room tampering? Fieri must be sore someone found it before he could unveil it.

- Mentioned putting the dead "with the other one". Another containment pod thing for the deceased, perhaps? To link them into the simulation? Have to check on them to be sure.

- First murder. Body found in the laundry room.

- They have "permission" to enter the trial room this time. Before, it was simply blocked off until it was needed. Also looks good, but not perfect - they had to make it from scratch. No holograms for pictures, just printed paper. This place really must have, at least, started out in the hands of the network as not suited for a trial per say, and they could get away with renovating other parts, but installing a trial room...something kept them from doing it then and there.

- Fieri allowed parting words for the culprit. Murdered by robotic dinosaur. Robots are his Thing; Dirk would be disgusted by that and the flagrant use of orange.

- Memories returned after a successful trial, just like all the other times. A new floor opened up - scary-big incinerator, a nice little arts and crafts room that I'd love to loot for Jamie, an Infirmary, and a kind of exercise yard. Ended up saving a lot of screencaps of the view of the stars from the outside; don't know if we can actually bust in if we get an idea of their coordinates, got us close last time.

- There was a stuffed dog stabbed with a knife in the hallway? Why...???

- Food stores are noticeably low. I'm...actually kind of scared for them? What if Fieri is halting the supply lines? For the suite, obviously they had a steady supply of fine goods, and for us, it was all just a simulation...I hope things turn out okay. Somehow. Make it work, everyone. Please.

- Third week on Wednesday, already out of food. Oh God.

- Sabotages in effect.
* One in particular is a robot monkey named Matilda, which had been previously been kept in a box. Belongs to Fieri. Messing with her is apparently a death sentence.

- I did not need to know about any of the gross pictures going onto the fridge.

- Two deaths this time. Not that I feel shouldn't be happening in the first place, that's all I'll say. Murder, I mean. But. That's obvious. And whoever did this...may have been keeping...blood. For a thing. I. Don't really want to think about someone actually keeping blood around, that's. Not. Not something I want to do.

- I can't believe they left this in, it must be considered - a stinger, or something. Fieri is targeting someone in order to get back at someone else who apparently took everything from him. All the people he cared about and everything he worked for. I can't feel sorry for him - I don't. I doubt anything will force me to. But this is something that needs to be considered, and...I don't know. I can't imagine who among those people might be the one connected to whoever he's got his sights of revenge set on.

- You know what I'm wondering about? Those executions. They're being projected from somewhere else, perhaps on the station, perhaps in Fieri's ship, but why frame them like this? Why...a room, like that? With the robotic constants?

- More memories. Miss...Cheryl? Or just Miss Hawthorne, she doodles Pokemon all the time but one of the post its she put on the fridge was taken away. I wonder why? It's not like there's a combined penis-tentacle Pokemon that she drew...

- Food is restocked. Another new floor - with a greenhouse. Are you kidding me. Also has one of those stereotypical license plate making thingamajigs, which I'm not sure how much a plate helps in space? And...two small rooms...they look like solitary confinement.

- It's not especially a lot of folks, but it feels like there are more people who are married or were married, or were going to marry, in this group. Or just have kids, too. I really hope we can get them home to their familes. Please, I hope you've held out.

- Another motive. This one has the potential for a terrible, gruesome result. Kill a number of people, get a number of them back in your life...and we know, here, that if Fieri is working with Nina, he very well has access to the technology. But I...if I was there, I'd question it. Honestly, his wording is so open to interpretation, what if you'd just end up with the people you brought back only to be dumped out into space?

- Nothing prohibited them from throwing a little costume party. I'm...glad they could do something approaching normal, even...even if it was on the eve of the coming of death, without fail. It'd be funny if it actually fell on Halloween.

- Oh my land what the FUCK did that robot give that poor girl. That looks like the most terrifying dessert I've ever seen.

- I shouldn't be surprised that, even in a murder prison, there are still people who find themselves in love.


- Five deaths...FIVE people have been murdered for this fucking motive. I...I can't...

- "It" is a shapeshifter whose form changes whenever it dies. Can't say I know anything like that. How can anyone be sure that "It" is amongst the captives? There's always a chance Fieri's been lied to in order to get him to "hijack" the show.

- No new floors. Is this. Is it a pattern of things to come? Usually, once the floors run out, things...are escalating towards the end. But InterGal7 can't KNOW that's what's going to happen, can they? has to be a coincidence, right?

- I don't know how I didn't realize that Jamie hadn't sat down and watched much of the all, to have the same reaction I did on seeing Fieri-Blaze. Kip mentioned...something, I only half-heard it because I ran after Jamie, but...apparently...Blaze Dudely was an Overseer during Jamie, Bolton, and Max's "season". So no WONDER he's upset. I...I need to make sure he's okay. I need to keep Fieri away from him at all costs. I'll kill the man again myself, I don' one is ever going to hurt Jamie again if I can help it, especially not Robo Fieri. I'm going to talk to Ardyn and see if he'd be okay with keeping my old trident in his Armiger, just in case. He can even keep it if he needs to build up an arsenal. I just want to have it on standby and...ugh, I'm giving myself one of those CrockerCorp-tech headaches just thinking about it, this is a bad road to go down but I cannot let anyone else I care about be hurt by a frosted-tipped whacko obsessed with crazy food. Not again.

- He...let them live. The majority seemed to vote for Leon, who...while his direct actions led to death, he...did a remarkably heroic thing, and clearly suffered for it in his last moments, but he did it and succeeded. But Fieri didn't consider him the culprit. He considered Akande the culprit, for what he'd planned to do with all of that poison. He could have executed the lot of them for it, but something stopped him. Maybe it was the coughing, was the fact that they knew Leon had saved them, but didn't feel that there was any right way to go, but something convinced him to draw back. I have a feeling, soon, we'll be finding out.

- He said..."It" did something to him, his crew, and the first group of Champions. So now, officially, they know they're not the only group of people who've been put through this, but...if there even IS an "It", could Jamie know what it is? Would he be able to tell me?

- CT was wearing her armor when...but, then, Varric found the same armor in her belongings, just. More cheaply made. What...

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