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Jul. 22nd, 2017 11:07 am
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Ayup lads, I'm back from camping it up over in the mountains and general extended vacation. Just...you know, announcing it here in case I have threads that I forgot about or anything and folks wanted to continue, or places that I'm needed!

For new people, hiya! I'm Mozart, I play your local Jade Harley (this journal) from Homestuck, Xion ([personal profile] faintwaves) from Kingdom Hearts, and Botan ([personal profile] styxiedust) from Yu Yu Hakusho. Sorry I didn't get to greet y'all when you initially arrived but I look forward to playing with ya later on!

For now please enjoy some Pikachu toast.

48th treasure [text]

Jul. 22nd, 2017 12:58 pm
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If you see a pink Oranguru holding a chess set and a Type: Null wearing an orange ribbon around Goldenrod, could you please tell them that dinner will be at 6 tonight, and to bring back milk and apples when they come home? Thanks.

Bubblegum knows how to play, by the way, if you see him and have nothing else to do. Just don't let SID eat the pawns, we're running out of replacements.

Nobody Gets Left Behind

Jul. 22nd, 2017 12:36 pm
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[From the Temerity, it's hard to say what exactly is happening down in the convention center, but it's clear that there's some shit going down. Crowds of fans are streaming out of the building to stand around the docking area, kept away from the entrances and exits by the police - including a Turian and a little dog - as well as Max, Lightning, and Finn. Some people, especially the press, are giving up and taking to their ships to flee.

Amid all the chaos, it's not hard to land, pick up your escaping friends, and flee. It's better to take off now, because Kip is keeping an eye on where the others' PIPs are pinging from. It seems they've been moved to a different part of the nebula.

You've got a few minutes to catch up before he can get you over there. So what the fuck, dudes?]
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[Alright - this was it. Today was going to be the day. Jane had been goofing off and ignoring the ache in her chest at the disappearance of so many of her friends from home for too long, but now it was time to get down to business.

Today she was going to challenge the Azalea Gym.


Or, well, you know. She would, if the feed wasn't focused on her having difficulty figuring out how to open her inn room door. No matter how slowly she goes, her hand just keeps missing the doorknob. A shiny Delphox hovers nearby, reaching out to her every so often.]

No, August, it's fine! It's fine, I can do it myself! [Hand pats the knob. Hand cannot figure out how to close around knob.] I've been here a year now, I can open some silly old door! Promise.

[The Delphox turns to where the Poke'gear is, ears lowered in concern, his thoughts audible to all.] Dinah, she's being stubborn aga...are you filming this?

[An Audino giggles, the feed shaking slightly, and Jane turns.]

Wha - hey, now! Cut it out! I've almost got it! Gosh, some partner you are, making fun of me!

[...What in the heck is going on in Johto today.]
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 [ Todays viral video that's spreading like wildfire features a pink haired trainer handing out flyers at the Game Corner in Goldenrod. She looks sort of bored but she's making the most of it with some encouraging smiles and while you can't hear what she's saying she seems to be convincing some people to go seek out the Game Corner for a good time.

Then you can vaguely hear some shouting and as she turns around to see what's going on a FUCKING MILTANK comes out of nowhere performing a rollout attack and crashes into her legs sending her flying and her flyers going everywhere.

She hits the ground hard enough the crowd winces as the trainer of the Miltank goes running by to try and stop it. Meanwhile pink haired girl is scrambling to retrieve her flyers...a strong gust of wind sweeps them up and turns them into a rolling tornado of papers. 

At this point most people might give up but this girl apparently is stubborn because she goes racing after them, leaping over a bench and catching some papers out of the air. Indeed her acrobatics are quite impressive...until she catches her foot wrong on a trashcan and falls into it butt first.

The papers are flying away and she's struggling to get out, even calling out her Honchkrow to help her.

...the Honchkrow simply starts laughing. So is apparently the person holding the camera because it's shaking and when the pink haired girl glares and waves a hand the camera person can't stop giggling long enough to get her out.

It's OK though because...CRASH! The Miltank is back and sends the pink haired girl, and her trashcan flying. When it smashes back to the ground she's running ontop of it in a desperate scramble as it rolls down hill and out of sight. The camera person doesn't seem to be able to follow she's laughing so hard.

...you might think the video is over...but then you hear a loud buzzing sound.

Running back up the hill the pink haired girl is looking terrified and for good reason. Somehow she must have crashed her can into a tree or something because a swarm of angry Beedril are now hot on her heels shooting off pin missiles. It's at this point the camera person decides to take cover inside a nearby building. When she turns the camera back to a window you can see the pink haired girl swinging a tree branch wildly while a Litten, a Torracat, a ponyta and the Honchkrow are all trying to ward off the Beedril.

And now her hair is on fire thanks to a misfire from the ponyta. Shrieking she calls out a Brionne who hoses her down and leaves her sopping wet, hair singed, stung in several places and clutching a few ruined Game Corner flyers. Finally spotting the camera person again she holds up the most legible Game Corner Flyer so the camera can see it. 

How's that for Viral Marketing?

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[The Stardust Nebula is a large cloud, sprawling pink and purple across the dark void of space as you approach. There are no planets here, not even a planetoid, but that hardly means it’s devoid of life. Kip will easily be able to navigate to the place in question, a small collection of interconnected spaceports orbiting near the edge of one of the nebula’s hazy, rose-tinted tendrils. Floating signs hooked to these advertise “AIRLOCKED! Q&A”, with arrows leading towards what appears to be a convention center. A dome encloses the area, much like the one around the Fantasy Sweet, but there does not appear to be any kind of security restrictions on the port; it will open as soon as any ship pulls up to it.

Inside, there aren’t too many inconspicuous places to park your weird flotilla of offensively-shaped ships. You may just have to settle for the back of the docks, behind a large news van or something like that, and consider not sticking around the entire time. Getting inside was a quick process, so you shouldn’t have any trouble doing it again, especially with a military navigator staying with the ship. A line has already formed in front of the entrance, at least partially due to the scanners flanking the door. A large weirdly baby-faced alien in some type of uniform is standing there, apparently manning the machine, checking peoples’ belongings, and generally directing them. There’s an unfamiliar symbol on their uniform, clearly not the InterGal 7 logo. Despite being alone, they seem to be handling the line fairly efficiently - even if they occasionally appear to intentionally loom over some of the smaller aliens attempting to enter. There are a few cosplayers among the crowd, of course, but this time the majority are in plainclothes.

Some people are skipping this line and walking around to the back of the building. They’re all wearing or carrying badges, which do have the InterGal 7 logo on them.

For the moment, no one seems to have taken notice of your arrival.]

002; text

Jul. 20th, 2017 11:45 am
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[so Madoka's quest to become stronger and also to help Lilly, her Eevee, become stronger hasn't been going exactly as well as she had hoped. but, she does have an idea.]

[back home, she had spent a good bit of time doodling what sort of magical girl costume she'd wear, if she ever decided to make a contract — Madoka had daydreamed of becoming strong enough to help everyone back then. maybe a look into the future would help Lilly, too?]

[and so:]

Hello! I hope everyone's been doing okay lately. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I was wondering if someone could help me? If you have a picture of what your Eevee evolved into, could you send it to me?

I'm hoping it'll help my own Eevee out. Thank you!


Jul. 19th, 2017 11:42 pm
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What's up all you trainers? It's been awhile!

Several of the projects we've been working on have already been implemented and announced on Plurk and the game Calendar, but for the sake of getting it all down in one place, here's Big Announcement #4! Buckle in, kids!

SomeBODY once told me )


Jul. 18th, 2017 09:41 am
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So here's something I didn't know about Pewter City. They're really into food.

Oh...yeah. [Korra laughs a little and runs her hand through her hair. Or sort of, she's wearing a ridiculous tourist-y sunhat. It's big. It's floppy. It's got Magikarp on it.]

I'm in Kanto now. Finally made it over here...after years...

But Cissnei and I are in Pewter right now and I swear there's as many places to eat as there are Pokemon! Some of the food's kind of weird. I don't get what the big deal about 'deconstructing' food is, just make the food. I order a seafood chowder, I sort of expect chowder. Not...a bunch of mollusks on a dish and some weird seafood cream on the side. I mean it was good but it was weird.

My Pikachu are loving it here. I think they've doubled in size....

One New Notification!

Jul. 18th, 2017 12:01 pm
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[About a day after Cece's message arrives, another small blip! cuts its way through whatever conversations the Airlocked! survivors might be having. But it isn't happening in the space limo this time - it's on the Temerity proper. Some of you are more acquainted with the computer system here, so you should know what that sound means.

You have new Spitter messages!]

Airlocked - Post R2 CMO

Jul. 18th, 2017 09:39 am
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What a farce. I was trying to act as if we were all living normal well adjusted lives, albeit in a marvelous fantasy setting populated by skeletons.

A call-me-out post for any and all post R2 of Airlocked scenarios with Jane Crocker.


Jul. 18th, 2017 12:13 am
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[The video starts with a very small section of someone's face showing part of a yellow eye, smooth mocha skin, and a mess of red hair blowing in a light breeze. Obviously the user has no idea how to use a camera.]

Greetings, citizens! I am prince Sidon of the Zora... Though that seems to be irrelevant here, however it would be most impolite of me to forgo an introduction.

[The camera is taken from his hands by someone else, and he protests for just a moment before the view pulls out to reveal the speaker from the waist up, a handsome man wearing the garb of a ranger.]

Ah, yes. Thank you, Link. As I was saying, I am a new arrival to this world, and while I have many questions, I understand that most either will have no answer or are best answered by discovering myself. So the question I pose to... whoever can see this is what does one wear in this realm when they desire to be seen as fashionable and upstanding? I do not require royal garb, but rather something the denizens of this world will find handsome and respectable. I thank you greatly in advance for your assistance in this matter.

[He places a hand over his heart in a sincere gesture just before the person holding the pokegear cuts the feed.]

» video

Jul. 17th, 2017 07:33 pm
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[When the camera powers on, there isn't a person's face on screen, but the view of one Spoink that, contrary to its energetic bouncing, looks positively angry. There's a few berries scattered at the bottom of its spring along with a couple Pokepuffs as well, but they are all untouched and obviously uneaten. The Spoink has zero interest in this human's bribes.]

What does it mean when you can't get a Pokemon to listen to you?

[Sasha speaks up from behind the gear before turning it around to catch her in its frame, positioning her not too far away from the Spoink, sitting on the floor as well, legs crisscrossed and a small container with more berries in them. Her hair is in its customary ponytail and has been washed with actual real soap for once, but she still looks like she's been through the wringer.]

Bacon won't do a thing I ask of her. I even said please and thank you! I don't even yell at her! I've had her since that prom thing and I can't get her any stronger because she won't obey, she won't eat anything I feed her, won't stay around my other Pokemon, and does this mean I'm a bad trainer?

[Or who knows, Sasha, maybe it's because you busted the dang thing out from Team Rocket and it's scarred for life. But what's psychiatry to a child soldier?]

[Video Post 002]

Jul. 17th, 2017 02:43 am
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The video opens on Ignis, seeming to have figured out at least orientation of the camera by feel. Sweat has his shirt sticking to his chest and his sleeves are rolled. It was obvious he'd been putting in a lot of physical exertion and the heat was getting to him as well despite the fact the sun had gone down. Oleander was holding his lamp.

I'm ... slightly lost at the moment. According to my watch chime it's reached nightfall, not convenient for me considering I started out when it was day. I'm sure Noct and Prompto, you'll be able to find me. I doubt I'm far.

He motions behind himself where a sheepish looking Dahlia was standing.

This one dragged me out this way, something about a Shinx according to the the Pokedex but I haven't found a thing and I've been running at a hard pace for awhile.

In the image of the video something was peeking out, then floating towards Ignis from behind. Something distinctly orange. It was a large Pumpkaboo, curiously floating towards them. The light started to shake when Oleander noticed it approaching.

I think I'll be calling it a day, to be honest. I doubt I'll be catching anything at this point and it's late. I would say it hasn't been all that awful of an evening though as--

Dahlia lets out a surprised squeal when the Pumpkaboo enters her line of sight, pulling Ignis's attention. The video feed cut out...

Then a simple network message posted some minutes later.




Jul. 17th, 2017 04:14 pm
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Haurchefant has had a clutch of eggs! (Alas, RNG said no murder Horsea this time...)

Goomy, Taillow, Zubat, Snivy, Mareep, Blitzle, Ponyta, Vulpix-Alola, Popplio, Mudbray, and Diglett! )

He'll trade for interesting Pokemon of any sort (for now, he's interested in Pokemon who are hoofed - and will always accept Fairy-types or Dragon-types, or just curiousities), or will sell for around 2000 PokeDollars. He can be haggled down, though, especially for newcomers. And an IC Post will be coming soon.

Well, well, well

Jul. 16th, 2017 03:36 pm
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Who: Rakka, Penny, Jane, and Jade.

Where: Azalea town; outside and inside the Slowpoke Well

When: July 15th

Summary: Girls day out! Well exploring and treasure hunting!

Rating: PG for possibly gay


Like that hasn't been said before )

[backdated to after the festival]

Jul. 15th, 2017 10:23 pm
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who: Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric (Open)
what: Mostly Ed looking to meet with Ivy, will add as needed. (Let me know if you'd like me to write you a top level instead of tagging in on your own, feel free to hit one or both of them up on the network too.)
when: June 21st - July 5th
where: Ilex Forest
warnings: Besides my inability to post on time? Probably none.

After the festival Ed returned to the forest with the team he was working on training up for his first badge challenge. Edward Elric was nothing if not studious by nature, so he'd put some research into the best types to train up - which meant that some of his usual party was nowhere to be seen. As a thorough researcher Ed had a tendency to spend a lot of time on routes, rather than just breeze through them. He might take longer than most to reach his destination, but he's explored every corner he can find along the way. The forest was no different, and considering how easy it might be to get lost in there, there's no wonder he's devoted more time to it than the five days it should take to get through.

Edward had acquired one new tag along since the festival though - his little brother, Alphonse. Which means that bumping into Ed any time during this week might also include the added bonus of meeting his brother with him.

9th Run // Sing Me a Song

Jul. 16th, 2017 12:52 am
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//Private: Noctis & Prompto

[ When the Gear comes on Ash is kicking back with his Pokemon by a fountain. Several of his water types, notably Ronan and Scuabtuinne, were floating eagerly near him and joined him in greeting the pair. But instead of chatting, he pulls up something; a lovely acoustic guitar. He played a few notes to test it, before playing a soft tune - his Pokemon bobbed to it, with Ronan swaying from side to side and Scuabtuinne smiling and closing her eyes. As he began to sing the lyrics Danny began to sing along with him, although in Pokemon so to human ears it sounded more like he was howling along, admittedly in tune with the melody. The pair began to sing and will be singing the entire song, unless stopped halfway through! And as the chorus became obvious, the Pokemon around them would join in, all shocking to the beat and tune Ash was singing. ]

If I had a million dollars...
If I had a million dollars!
I'd buy you a house!
Oh, I'd buy you a house-!

//Open to All

[ After calling Noctis and Prompto to surprise them with a ditty, Ash began to idly play to himself and his Pokemon. And, unknowingly, to the network as his Pokemon left the gear running to broadcast their trainer performing a little. Upon realising it was on, he simply smiled and nodded. ]

Ah, sorry about this. Didn't realise I was being recorded. If you're not a fan then just turn me off or whatever, but, shit, I missed this. Playing music. Used to play all the time with my Dad back home. It was one of those things; long as you got an instrument or a voice that can carry a tune, you can while away the time with some songs. And I mean, a song can be about anything or any feeling you want. It can be daft or deep or about nothing at all really. My Dad taught me how to play and how to sing - he played violin himself but he knew guitar too! - and for him it was like. He sang old Irish songs and tunes that'd been passed down for generations in his family, so it reminded him of home. And here, it's kinda the same. Cos those songs remind me of him and the times we spent in our apartment, both when I was too little to play and he sang to me to try and get me to sleep, and when I got older and he began to teach me, and then when I got good enough that we could play together...good times man.

Anyway. Here's Wonderwall.

[ And yes, he begins to play (and sing) Wonderwall by Oasis. Get meme'd on or just enjoy the pretty song! ]


Jul. 15th, 2017 10:12 pm
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[ Each sentence is a different post - poor Damien thinks that he's on PokeGoogle or whatever the alternative is. ]






[ And that's all, the Yamask holding the PokeGear curling up around it. Prompto won't be responding to any of these messages - he's off with Anima. ]
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[Right now, you see Tony Clark in Violet City's Pokemon Center and right now, he is confused.]

Okay, the Magikarp incident is very strange for me to see, but...

[He then turns his camera to the counter, revealing the Pokemon Center PC has been replaced by a Substitute doll.]

Having a PC replaced with this stupid doll is totally out of whack right now! And it's not just the PC. Whenever I turned, every item I see gets replaced by these dolls. It somehow replaced my Poke Ball where I put it on the table!

Can someone explain to me what's happening here? Otherwise, I'm going to start screaming that I'm losing my mind.

[His Noibat even emphasize this by covering his ears for the inevitable.]


[And later on...]

Does anyone know how to solve the Ruins of Alph's puzzles? It's driving me nuts already!


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