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» Xander
Fire Emblem: Fates
Very admirable for his organizational skills and his ability to reign in his temper. He liked my cakes, too! I do feel a bit bad to subjecting him to the old Salt and Pepper Diner prank...but he's still a lovely gentleman. I can't be more grateful for him returning my shirt to me. He's done terrible things for the sake of his home, but...I can't hold that against him. War is terrible. That does not make him terrible. For Light's sake, I...will do what I can to make sure he takes care of himself. We need him, and she wouldn't want him to turn up in the afterlife. I'm going to have to hit him for what he did, but at the same time, I'll help him dress his wounds and make him comfortable. He' a Dad that doesn't always do things you approve of, but he does his best to do right by you because that's where his heart is. I believe in him.

» Seth Twiright
Evillious Chronicles
Strange. A little eerie. See you in Hell, you awful snake of a man.

» Angelica Ainsworth
Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma☆Illya
Still want to know why she's a "doll". Okay, I suppose. So I'll never know why she was a "doll", but...I guess that doesn't matter anymore, does it? She shouldn't have had to suffer like she did.

» Chitanda Eru
A very sweet girl who loves mysteries - and who seems to get wrapped up in quite a few of them at home! I do so like her, it's like finally meeting a kindred spirit. Together we are the C&C Detective Agency! They will hear your scream. I swear it.

» Lightning Farron
Final Fantasy XIII
Stoic, serious, a loner...and level-headed. I'm glad I can believe in her, and rely on her. She's...really a great sister-figure, even if you don't expect a sister to invite you to a sparring match. I want her to be able to go home and be happy, and be there for her actual sister Serah. After all she's done for me...I bet that girl misses Light with all her heart. Even if your sister won't remember you, I'll tell her of all the good you did here, if I can ever find her. God...I'm going to miss you, and I won't be the only one.

» Kurumi Ebisuzawa
Gakkou Gurashi
Very close to Ricky and very loyal to her friends. Definitely a good person, even if she doesn't look before she leaps. Also...I know the meaning of her title, now. There's got to be something that can be done to help her. I-I'm not going to...I cannot bring myself to kill anyone here, but if something happened to her, I...before they take the body... I can't do anything. I'm sorry. I wanted to, I'm so sorry...

» Toby
He is perfectly fine to talk to, but it still strikes me as odd that he's essentially an alien penguin. Why in the world are there aliens that look like penguins out there? Have I gone mad? Fuck you, Toby.

» Rukia Kuchiki
Draws cute bunnies. I know I shouldn't have looked at Chitanda's poster, least she didn't stop me. I would like to talk to her more...about rabbits, I guess. She's quite knowledgeable about funeral things. Damn me and my prodding, DAMN me...

» The Doctor (9th)
Doctor Who
Very sharp, in mind and in tongue towards those who do wrong. He doesn't back down when he's staring someone malevolent in the face, either. Quite admirable. It's a good exercise for the mind to trade messages with him, and...I believe we've put a small measure of trust in each other. I'm going to make sure I honor that trust. And I think I'll try to accept that I'm brilliant. I believe in him.

» McBurn
Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel
Masochist...? Er, yes, probably and definitely one of those. And possibly an exhibitionist? Eugh. I really do not understand why he was so excessive...

» Sadie Swenson
Scream Queens
Still don't know why she wears earmuffs. I'm glad she passed her MCATs, at least. Oh, God. Don't ever mess with the PIPs. Just don't. No matter how badly you want to rip it off your arm, do NOT do it.

» Frederica Irving
Etrian Odyssey Untold
Certainly doesn't mean any harm. Very sweet. If I get the proper tools, I'd like to bake something nice for her. Seems close to Kurumi - do cute twintails really bond people together? I feel awful having to subject her to scrutiny in that trial...Ricky has a good heart. I hope she can forgive me. I hope...she can get back to her world. I couldn't help her...oh, God...

» Yurika Misumaru
Martian Successor Nadesico
Strange, but takes charge very well. Reliable. As odd as her life sounds, I do like listening to her talk. She's...she understands quite a lot, and is willing to listen, even when I think all I have to say is silly. I appreciate it. I really like finding these sisterly figures here. I only wish I had her strength. Hers and Light's. Then I could actually be of help. But surely it weighs on must. I'll do what I can to support her, though. I believe in her.

» The Griffin
The Griffin and the Minor Canon
I thought things couldn't get weirder than the penguin. I was wrong. Still have not properly met him yet. Gave me some alternate things to think about. His dedication to his friends was admirable...he didn't deserve what happened.

» Thomasin
The Witch

Has very little idea of what to do with things I know I take for granted. I want to try to help her more. As long as she's here, she's more than entitled to have the chance to learn. I should really...properly learn about her, too. At least, I think, we're on a better footing than we were before. I think she definitely is in need of a close friend, after what happened to Shadow...and God, she needs to learn about a healthier form of Pagan religions. I know it's not all blood sacrifice and evil goats. I believe in her.

» Natsuhi Ushiromiya
Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Definitely more rattled by this place as she tries to convince us she is. Still, that goes without saying! I think she might have the most normal life out of all of us! Is this what it's like to have a Mom? I'm pretty sure this is what it's like. Though from the sound of things, Miss Natsuhi...your life had been incredibly sad before you came here. And your ability to mom us is absolutely terrifying...I believe in her.

» Shadow The Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog
Should probably talk to him properly. The first time I talk to him, and it's a couple of days before he ends up dying. Some of the others took it pretty hard...

» Margulis
Still not sure what to make of him yet. Possibly religious? A religious man with incredible dedication to his cause. Even if he gambled with our lives...

» Byakuya Togami
Dangan Ronpa
A rude jerk. Seems oddly enthused to match wits with a killer. Darn me, I enjoy snarking back at him when he's being an idiotic snob...I just wish my sabotage had been that Baby Alive and not the cone, but did he really have to be a weenie and not take care of it? Gracious...he claims to have been in a similar situation to this one before. I should make up a silly puzzle for HIM to solve - and pie him in the face. A lot. The insufferable twit gives very good advice that I will have to swallow my pride and listen to, even if it's not exactly realistic. And even so, there's a part of me that...well. I couldn't have figured out what helped us turn the tables without him. I believe in him. Yes, and...

» The Overseers
You two were torn away from your homes just as us. I know that now. And even with you gone, Bolton, I believe in you. Jamie, I believe in you - and you're leaving this place in one piece, with us. I swear it.
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