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Soulgemmed Application

Player name: Elaine
Contact info: Jackabee on Plurk
Other characters currently played: n/a

Character name: Jane Crocker
Age: 17yrs old
Canon: Homestuck (with Cosmographia CRAU)
Canonpoint: Act 6 Act 5 Act 1 of the Game Over timeline, specifically this page

Background: Wiki link ahoy! As for CRAU...

* Goes through a weirdly shaped hole in space that somehow leads out to a weird gem temple? Also now there's a gem on Jane's body? What?

* Emerges from the temple to see a seaside town full of life, and is absolutely dumbstruck by the idea that somewhere, somehow, there are people thriving. After five months in a dead session with the same three people for company, she's chomping at the bit to get to know as many folks as she can, and quickly acclimates herself to life as a "gem", protecting the people and fighting off monsters.

* Even begins working on her own baking business, employing others in the same situation and contributing to a mutual fund in order to help make life easier. She's also firmly convinced that, since things function so normally here (save for the gem business), it is impossible that this place could be connected to Sburb. Underlying themes in Jane's time here are the development of her potential to lead and to take care/look after others, her beginning to be more open to unusual and inexplicable things being real, and her desperation to "make a new start" and live a relatively normal life.

* Friends who helped her expand her worldview to the unexplained are a Desert Elf named Berry (whom she found she had a similar underlying self-loathing problem in common with, and has fused with enough times to the point where Berry's homeworld of Reveria gives Jane an underlying sense of familiarity), a pony named Pinkie Pie, and an alien princess named Ichigo. She has made an effort to speak to many of the people who have passed through the temple and has done her best to be friendly and welcoming to them.

* Eventually, folks from home start showing up, forcing Jane to acknowledge her past and Sburb's continued presence in her life. She is able to better speak to friends Dirk and Roxy in order to patch things up with them, and becomes relatively close to Dave when he first arrives, happy to take him under her wing and helping when he needs it. When Dave gets involved in an accident that sends him back home, she is devastated, having been in the process of trying to heal him. However, when he comes back - with an additional three years of age added to him - she is absolutely stunned and relieved, perhaps even a little bashful when it comes to his attentions. When he disappeared again, she had idly wondered if he had perhaps meant something more with his kindness, but in time shelves it in the back of her mind, not wanting to dwell on the mights and maybes.

* Dave's second disappearance coincides with both Thanksgiving and a mysterious "mass exodus" of sorts, when many people who had been living in the temple disappeared. Although she is upset by the loss of many of her friends, Jane does her best not to show it, and throws together an impromptu Thanksgiving meal for everyone. Between then and April, she has worked tirelessly to cheer others' spirits in various ways (making cookies for EVERYone for Christmas gifts, offering others jobs in her little bakery operation, saving money for said bakery to have a permanent location and thus give the gems someplace to go to if they need work or have to stay somewhere other than the temple for a while, and more recently pranking everyone for April Fool's Day with buckets of glitter). It could be said that here, her life is very normal, and though it has its ups and downs she really couldn't ask for anything more...

Personality: Overall, Jane is a sweet and friendly young lady. She likes to speak with proper grammar and often sprinkles in a few old-timey sayings into conversations, not to sound cool or anything, just because they are in her lexicon. She has a distinctive “Hoo hoo” of a laugh and enjoys playing pranks, as per the legacy from her grandfather and great grandfather. The latter of the two had a well-known history in the entertainment industry as a comedian and vaudeville star, and though Jane considers her prankster japery as pedestrian at best, she still finds joy in following in his footsteps.

Jane is saddled with a curiosity rivaling that of Alice in her adventures in Wonderland. Whether or not her well being would be put in danger, Jane has been known to explore what would be better left unexplored, and to confront danger with questions rather than run from it. This is likely inspired by her interest in detectives and mysteries, and has given her a knack for solving puzzles and a fair deductive reasoning. Her most favored detective of all is Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot, whom she enjoys dressing up as with a curly false mustache and her old fedora, regardless of how shitty a disguise it makes. In her free time before Sburb, Jane enjoyed reading detective novels and watching Parks and Recreation (harboring a deep admiration and crush on character Ron Swanson, who she describes as her ‘ideal man’). She also bakes, as fitting of an heiress to a baked goods empire, and when she puts her nose to the grindstone she can be a rather ruthless businesswoman.

Accustomed to keeping her guard up against pranks and born with a rational and hungry mind, Jane long clung to skepticism even in the face of her friends, whose personal lives were too strange for her not to be suspicious of. However, through her time in Sburb, she has learned to set skepticism aside and become a touch more accepting of strange goings-on, even if she won’t completely take anyone’s word on anything. In this way she’s a very stubborn young lady. On the other hand, Jane is also easily flustered, and has difficulty being honest when in that state, as exemplified by her failed attempt to confess her feelings to Jake. When put into an uncomfortable situation regarding personal issues, she is quick to hide her own feelings in favor of bending to those of others. When she’s upset enough, though, she has an explosive temper, becoming brutally honest and vindictive, but this is a very rare occurrence and only happens when she is completely pushed to her limits. She also has an unfortunate susceptibility to mind control, perhaps from years of brainwashing through Betty Crocker products, despite her strong will.

Her time in Cosmographia has also helped her develop a very key trait - empathy. Though never receiving empath powers, her time as a "Gem" in a thriving human settlement surrounded by an ever-changing pool of people has urged her to become more proactive and caring, working towards the betterment of others. Drawing from how difficult it was to get started in a new town with no legal documents, no money, nothing but the clothes on her back, and working with others who also saw this as a legitimate concern, gave her a sympathetic outlook on the people who continued to arrive with no clue as to what was going on, especially those younger than her. Her keen, growing desire to create and enjoy a life that was as normal as possible extended to normalizing this new situation for whomever she came across, even if all that subsisted of was a hot meal and a bit of advice.

Wish: Jane's wish is: "I want to see if my Dad is really dead". In canon, she has been taunted by the idea that he is dead, and it is something that, despite her cheery disposition, she has lurking in the back of her mind every day - that, while in Waverly Bay, she will never know if he's truly okay. Coupled with her desire to not go back to Sburb by any means, it could be said that this is something of a selfish wish - she refuses to return to the dead session she left behind to reunite with him, but she can barely live with herself not knowing his fate for sure.

Her wish is granted by an unusual vision, not given with much context, but it is clear that her Dad is alive here. The catch? This is not the version of her Dad she thinks it is. She is from a timeline that became a dead end - Game Over - and thus had to be retconned in order to give her and her fellow players the chance to win. This is a vision of her Dad in that timeline before he kicks some serious ass. It's still him, but if she went back home, she would not encounter this most awesome situation. Not at all.

Passive ability: The ability to "see" the events that caused a wound or injury if it was a cause of a death. Upon touching a scar, she will have a vision of how it happened as if she were that person. Her wish asked for her to "see" the pain/anguish of someone else, and since there was none to see, she only got a brief flash of what was going on. It lingers as a kind of second sight, allowing her to see the deaths of others. Requires a permissions page and will absolutely NOT be used if the other player is not okay with it.

Active ability: Healing. Jane can heal the wounds of others, but not herself, in order to prevent the deaths of others. A scar would be left behind, but it would not trigger her passive ability, since the person would have to die in order for that to work. Wounds that she can heal are limited to cuts (from papercuts to gashes about six inches long) - as of now, she cannot heal bruising, burns, broken bones, or illnesses.

Weapon: Plague Doctor Cane. It allows for the examination of the sick and injured without having to touch them - it would quickly become difficult for Jane to heal someone should she have to handle every person who came her way and suffer through the emotions and visions of their deaths. The cane at the moment has absolutely no magical abilities whatsoever, other than being summoned by magic.

Sample: The Prankster's Gambit is going off the charts!