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Jane Crocker ([personal profile] cyan_maid) wrote2013-09-19 07:25 pm
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Paradisa - Goodbye Letters for CR

A letter's been pushed under the door of your room. When you open it, there's curling cyan paragraphs there to meet you, addressed to you. A lot of what comes first has been scratched out, as if they've been kept updated as time's gone on, but one thing's for sure - these kinds of letters only come when someone's gone.

If you've ever considered Jane Crocker a friend or ally, there's one for you, though depending on who you are, your letter might be longer than someone else's...

{To All Friends/Allies:}

I suppose it's my turn to go home today.

I'm sorry. To tell the truth, as detestable as this place can be, I've come to really think of it as a special sort of home. Perhaps not the place I should be, but it's where I've been, and it hurts to know I'll snap back to how I was without remembering all that's happened, or all the friends I've made. But I'd like to think I'll keep you all in my heart no matter what. I know it's rather sappy, but it's true.

Please, keep living. Keep thriving. Whether or not you can reach out and take the truth behind Cair Paradisa for yourselves, don't ever stop looking for it!

Oh - and if you ever happen to find yourself in the Land of Crypts and Helium, do drop in for a visit! I'd never turn down a guest. And I'll finally be able to bake you cakes! Hoo hoo hoo! :B

{To Roxy Lalonde}

I suppose I'll get to see just how you got that lovely set of pajamas, hm?

But in all seriousness, I'm sorry I have to leave you. If you're still here and I pop in again, and I haven't the foggiest clue as to what's going on, I'm trusting you to bring me up to speed, okay? After all, if a gal can't trust her BFFsie, who can she trust?

And if the boys come back while I'm gone, do give them a good smack for me! And by a smack I mean a hug and perhaps a swat with a newspaper. Really, they need to stick around next time they pass through.

...Oh, Roxy, I don't want to admit this to anybody else. I'm scared to go back home. I'm scared only awful things are waiting for me. But I hope that, knowing my friends will be around, they won't end too awfully.

{To Vriska Serket and Nepeta Leijon}

I do hope there's a chance I'll get to see you again. You're lovely and wonderful and great fun! If what everyone's been trying to tell me about our game sessions is true, maybe there's a way I can meet up with you and everyone again? Even if you may or may not be alive, which seems to be the case with folks here sometimes? I'd like that. And I'm so sorry I'm gone.

{To Mark/Hard Harry}

This is really lousy of me, isn't it? So many people have been leaving recently! But we don't have control over these things. We might not have control over much in Paradisa, no matter how much we can wish for. If there's one thing I hope, though, it's that if I ever find myself back here, I'll keep an ear out for Leonard Cohen on Monday nights! It just wouldn't feel right if I didn't.

{To The Once-ler}

Alright. Listen up, buster, because I'm only going to say it once! No matter who leaves or stays, I sincerely want you to keep making friends and smiling! And do you know why? It's because you're a wonderful person! It's true even if you don't believe it, and I want to be sure I let you know that one last time.

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