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Jane Crocker Asgard App

OOC Information;
Name; Elaine
Personal Journal;
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IC Information;
Character Name; Jane Crocker
Canon; Homestuck A wiki for the plot if you are so inclined
Canon Point; Act 6 Act 5 from Jane: Keep absconding (Page 7457)
Age; 16
House; Sigyn
Power; Healing
Jane Crocker is a gutsy young lady of sixteen, heiress to the Betty Crocker Corporation and holding the title of Maid of Life as per Homestuck’s central plot, the sessions of a reality-bending game called Sburb. At her core she’s skeptical and a critical thinker, and when she has a goal, she is determined to achieve it, even if it’s a small goal. Jane is a bit old fashioned in her speech and has a very distinct laugh (“Hoo hoo hoo!”). She is accustomed to a relatively sheltered suburban lifestyle, and is friendly and amiable to the people she meets; even when caught off guard by an appearance, so long as there is no suspicion of ill intent she will be welcoming and kind (she will give most people a chance, as shown with her brief experience meeting the combined abomination known as Tavrisprite). Jane comes from a family that is well known for its comedic exploits as well as its baking empire, and she is used to looking two steps ahead to keep herself from falling pray to any practical japery that might be thrown her way. Though she loves to pull pranks herself, her attempts are self-admittedly pedestrian at best. She also holds a deep love and admiration for mustachioed comedians (most likely influenced by her grandfather and great-grandfather) and fictional detectives, her most favorite being Hercule Poirot. Jane likes to emulate him the most whenever she dons a disguise, and even uses the curliest of her collection of false mustaches in order to look more like him. Because of this, she has developed a sharp deductive reasoning, a fantastic puzzle busting ability, and a desire to get down to logical conclusions. While the claims of her friends may be one hundred percent true and she will tolerate a bit friendly ribbing, there is a limit to how much tomfoolery she will take, and she certainly won’t stand for outright cruelty.

Jane also loves to bake, and she is very loyal to the Betty Crocker brand, most likely because she grew up knowing she would inherit the company someday. Jane spent much of her life believing the company to be benign despite its very obvious brainwashing mechanisms and her friends’ distrust/dislike of the brand for very personal reasons. It is important to note, however, that as of her canon point Jane has become more suspicious of the company, and while strong willed on her own can quickly submit to its malevolence. She has also had to endure attempts on her life because of her status, which, coupled with her insatiable curiosity, causes her Dad to worry for her immensely, often grounding her to her chagrin.

Her Dad and her friends (Roxy Lalonde, Jake English, Dirk Strider, and the enigmatic Calliope) are the most important thing to Jane, even if they can be hurt by her stubborn thinking. Jane is prone to believing what she knows to be absolutely right, and it takes a lot to convince her that she might be wrong, as exemplified by her initial doubt about Calliope’s claims of being an alien. When she is convinced, however, she is eager to make up for her past ignorance and willingly tries to believe the outlandish things she once denied; she even puts herself down while doing so, like when she apologized to Roxy about refusing to believe her after two consecutive assassination attempts made her think of her friend’s claims in a new light. When emotional or under pressure, it is difficult for her to accurately express herself, and she is prone to freezing up and saying things she does not mean in a rather forced manner, and when pushed to the brink can become exclamatory and brutal in what she says, expressing a plethora of patience ending in an explosive fuse. This is most notoriously shown in conjunction with Jake; when she initially tried to admit her feelings for him, she became so flustered that she completely shut herself out of a relationship with him, and then proceeded to keep her feelings secret for five months. His blathering about his own romantic issues and inconsideration for her even as friends became the straw that broke the camel’s back. She has an unflappable enthusiasm and will outright ignore warnings or directions, even if they are given for her own benefit, simply because she wants to figure things out and get things done. This has gotten her in trouble before, most notably while she was searching for her Dad on an unstable Derse, told repeatedly to leave by Dirk, and died in the crossfire for not heeding his advice. No matter what, though, she is always sorry for hurting those she loves.


Network Sample; [Text]
Hello there! How is everyone in Asgard today? Good I hope.
I think I am finally beginning to settle in here, though I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely here and I want to investigate everything, but I don’t know if I want to get comfortable. It’s kind of complicated.
Anyway, that’s not really the point. I wanted to ask for some assistance.
You see, I haven’t gotten the chance to test my Healing power out yet. It’s made me a little nervous, to be honest. Back home, I never really got to use the powers I already had to my own volition, so I don’t have experience in giving this sort of thing a try. And not only that, but I don’t feel comfortable using it on someone without asking first. After all, you can’t really heal something unless there’s something to heal, right?
Ugh, I don’t know. It just feels like I’m asking people to hurt themselves. I don’t like that.
If you don’t mind helping me out, I would really appreciate it! I can come to you, if you’re out in one of the districts. It’s better that I get used to knowing where everything is, anyway. Just let me know where to find you, and I’ll mosey on over!

Log Sample; Jane never could walk alone at night at home.

It really wasn’t a good idea for a young lady to walk around alone at night at all, but then again, when you’re used to being grounded, every inch of freedom is appreciated. Besides, the world was different at night. In a place like Asgard it was still active, but it was a different kind of activity, quieter, slower. And she doesn’t think there’s anything to worry about if she was in Sigyn’s District, so Jane walks slowly, looking at the streets and occasionally glancing up at the sky. A great deal of the stars are washed out from the light pollution, but there are still plenty to see up there, and they sure are something. “So different,” She mumbles to herself, hands stuffed in her pockets.

The great thing about walks was that you didn’t necessarily have to have a destination. These streets could lead her anywhere, and that’s what excites Jane the most. When she passes an alley, she peers down it. There’s nothing there, of course, it’s actually rather clean, but wouldn’t it be something if there was? Or just around the corner- Jane doesn’t bump into anyone when she rounds it, but she does trip over a crack in the road, and with a very ungraceful squawk she tumbles over, falling on her bottom. Well, that’s what you get for walking around alone at night, isn’t it?