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Jane Crocker ([personal profile] cyan_maid) wrote2017-03-30 10:08 am
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[Commission by Chi! Go commission her!]

Jane Crocker stands at 5ft 3in tall, 140lbs, a bit curvy with an underlying hardness, fair-skinned. Her short hair is black with a slight curl at the ends, soft and fluffy to the touch, and her cheeks are usually a light pink with the bloom of health and youth that a sixteen year old girl is likely to have, with a rounded face that speaks of a comfortable life. She stands straight with impeccable posture that speaks of a young lady raised to use her manners and has a smooth, quick gait when she walks. Her hands are pretty nimble and precise, having grown up learning to play the piano, and there are some callouses on them from repeated use of long tridents. Her musculature isn't pronounced, but she is relatively strong, leading to firm hugs and a grip that won't quit if she's trying to catch your attention or keep you close.

Her eyes are cyan in color, bright and inquisitive, very quick to pick up on little details. They're framed by oval glasses that she definitely needs in order to see. Her expressions are distinct, bordering on the funny, and though while she does have a calm, mischievous poker face, she can't keep it up for too long without dissolving into laughter; she can't act for beans, and her intentions and thoughts are very clear through her body language. Her teeth are white and clean, the two front ones more prominent than the others, but the effect is more cute than weird.

If you happen to catch her in a state of undress - and really, she'll fuck you up if you do - you'll notice some distinct scarring on her torso. One is small, closer to her stomach, about the right size for a knife. The other is longer, just underneath the breastbone, with an exit scar parallel to it in her back from a katana.

Her voice is clear and crisp, her words precisely pronounced, and she tends to use words that are a little longer or old-fashioned sounding than what you'd expect out of a girl from the USA in 2011. Any accent she might have retained from growing up in the pacific northwest has diluted after five months of limited contact with other people. Her laughter is loud, a "Hoo hoo hoo" that is distinct and unshakable, and she tends to cough and sneeze loudly despite herself, always saying "Goodness, excuse me!" afterwards. While she has some musical talent and can register the sounds of notes, her singing is pretty bad.

Jane always smells clean and fresh, with an underlay of vanilla. Sometimes you can catch a whiff of sweetness, too, most likely sugar.