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Jane Crocker ([personal profile] cyan_maid) wrote2015-11-08 09:49 pm
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Cosmographia - IC Inbox

Hoo hoo hoo!
You've reached Jane Crocker!
Please leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can!
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november 9th, sometime around 4am

[personal profile] miasmajesty 2015-11-09 08:02 am (UTC)(link)
Is it...
Is it still weird for us to talk about anything that steps beyond the pale quadrants.
I mean, dating and shit. Not with each other. For previously discussed reasons.
(Pre-arrival. You know.)
Or is that still something better left off of the table. Just stowed in the cooler and left alone until just the right fine autumn day where we can crack that sucker out one last hurrah.
Because if it is, that's cool.
I don't want to pull the same shit certain other individuals who shall not be named were prone to pulling.
I'm an obtuse asshole, but even I'm aware of that particular pitfall.
But if it's not, uh.
I could probably use someone who is intimately familiar with my particular brand of bullshit to tell me a few things straight.
Okay, that wasn't supposed to sound like I'm guilting you into anything.
Ha ha. Self-deprecating humor.
Good old Strider. Always knows the right tone to set.
No, fuck.
I'm making it worse.
You're going to wake up to an unidentifiable number of shitty texts of nigh incomprehensible rambling about my shortcomings and failures in pretty much all departments, while attempting to maintain a lowkey sense of smug self-satisfcation that I can acknowledge these glaring flaws and articulate them in a way that means I have no moral responsibly to actually fix what's broke.
Guess it wouldn't really be unidentifiable. The texts, I mean.
Your inbox is bound to tell you the exact number.
I'm going to cut myself off now.
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November 9th, immediately

[personal profile] miasmajesty 2015-11-09 04:18 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm awake.

[ ANd then. Five minutes later. After typing and retyping walls of text and deciding they aren't good enough. ]

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I don't know if it makes sense so much as it just happens to be a thing that he does.
There's been some mutual lowkey flirtations.
I think.
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[personal profile] miasmajesty 2015-11-13 08:33 am (UTC)(link)
That's one way of putting it.
In actuality, every time I'm around him it seems to induce the worst kind of word vomit.
Not carefully controlled metaphor overloads, but the dumbest shit that has ever spewed forth from any orifice of my body.
Nerves, I guess?